And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.


A note from Dave:

Our spiritual walk is not a ‘once-and-done’ event. Lifelong spiritual growth is built upon a ‘continual moving forward.’ God used this congregation to build a new church building. Many grew through the building project. We have taken a season of rest and now are ready to move forward. We will be challenged in our faith so that God’s work will be established for decades to come. A ‘Capital Funds Campaign’ is so much more than just raising funds – it is an opportunity for congregations to become stronger in the faith as we watch God work through us to do His glory!

** Show me the movies (if you missed a Sunday recently, you missed a great informational on some dimension of this campaign - click here to see the movie version)

** I'm ready... let me  PLEDGE NOW!

Building the Ministry

The new facility has been fulfilling the original goals of furthering the gospel in many ways. It’s hard to believe, time has flown, but we have now been enjoying our new building for 1 1/2 years. Now is the time to move forward; racing toward new ministry goals.

VBS PictureVBS Meal in Fellowship HallMeal in Fellowship Hall
Event in SanctuaryEvent in Sanctuary VBS PictureVBS

Orchestra in SanctuaryOrchestra in Sanctuary

Finishing the Race

ImageThanks be to God, we are enjoying a new $3M facility, while continuing our current ministries. Our aim is to pay off the remaining $575,000 mortgage. Our goal is to be a debt-free ministry. Eliminating the mortgage in 3 years or less will save the church approximately $220,000 in interest charges. This savings would give us the opportunity to pursue new and additional ministries and complete some useful projects that will make our congregation more effective at furthering the gospel.

Payment Terms

Building on a Firm Foundation

Expanding the Dream beyond our Mortgage:

One way our church body can expand our ministry and fulfill our mission is to complete the facility as 
originally intended. The highest priority projects church leadership would like to complete relatively soon 
are estimated to cost approximately $75k.

Here are some artistic representations of some of the priority as well as future potential exterior and interior projects:

Paved parking with lights, landscaping, exterior crosses...exterior projects at ch_fmt_small.png

Street signage...sight sign-drawing_fmt_small.png Home for our original, ancient bell...bell tower idea_fmt_small.png


Basketball hoops and noise reduction in Fellowship Hall...fellowship hall ideas_fmt_small.png

Acoustic / media improvements in Sanctuary...IMG_8473_fmt_small.png


Window treatments...

Current classroom closets...
... intended storage cabinetry:

Gift Guide

Maintaining debt free status has been one of the aims of the church leadership. Debt reduces our church’s ability in new ministry opportunities... The additional items will help finalize the building project.

With that in mind, we are embarking on a three-year $650K captial campaign encouraging individuals to give over and above their regular tithes and offerings towards the mortgage and project completion. This table illustrates the estimated break down of the number of givers at various giving amounts likely needed to reach the goal. Gifts can be simple pledges, stocks, property, gifts-in-kind or as God provides.

$650,000 Campaign Goal

Number of

Amount of
Weekly Gift

Amount of
Monthly Gift

Amount of Each
for 3 years

























































(If you would like to speak to a professional tax or legal adviser about such gifts we can help.)

** I'm ready... let me  PLEDGE NOW!

Run with Perseverance

Please begin by prayerfully considering your role in this venture. God often asks us to step out of our comfort zone and onto His path.

Put your faith into action - together we can finish the course. 

Will future generations look back to our generation as they enter the doors of the new facility? Will they see how we put our faith into action? Will they feel we ran the race well? Have we furthered Christ’s Ministry in Wallowa county?

Faithful Steps


** I'm ready... let me  PLEDGE NOW!