We Believe...
  1. The virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ.
  2. That Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of all who trust in Him as Lord. 
  3. That any person can become a Christian by trusting in Jesus as Savior (faith), accepting God’s grace through personal repentance, a confession of Jesus as Lord before others.  
  4. Faith, Repentance, Confession, and Baptism (Immersion) into Christ, as conditions for membership in this local church. 
  5. That God is the Sovereign Creator of the universe who cares personally for man. 
  6. That the Bible is the authoritative standard by which Christians should live.  We believe in the inspiration of the Old and New Testaments, but believe that the New Testament is the rule for the Christian life. 
  7. That man, because of personal sin, needs to be made whole and restored in fellowship with God through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. 
  8. That the Holy Spirit dwells within the Christian, giving power and illumination for meaningful living and who also serves as our guarantee of eternal life. 
  9. That the universal church, the “Body of Christ,” is comprised of all believers around the world who have trusted in Jesus for salvation.  While the church is worldwide, it is also identified through local congregations established for the purposes of worship, ministry, and missions.